Privacy regulations, Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V.


In our Privacy regulations we use a number of definitions (these definitions may be used in the singular and in the plural):

Cookie: a small file which, via an Internet site, is placed on (the IP address of) your computer and which records information about your visit to the Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. Internet site;

Regulations: these privacy regulations;

Privacy legislation: the Dutch General Data Protection Regulation.


1.   Explanation of the Regulations

Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. maynot quite simply process the data that you provide to it. The Privacy legislation is intended to protect the privacy of persons. By means of this legislation, the permitted usage of your personal data by others is restricted. Under this law, Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. has a duty towards its (potential) clients, employees and business contacts:

  • to inform them of the way in which, and the purpose for which, data are processed by Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V.;
  • to state who may inspect the data;
  • to request permission for the processing of certain data.

Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. thinks that your privacy is important. Therefore, in these Regulations, Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. gives an explanation of how they deal with your data, what the purpose of the use thereof is, and for which data Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. must explicitly ask your permission in order to process it.


2.   The personal data that Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. uses and the purpose of that us

Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V.(possibly) processes your personal data if you are becoming a client or are a client of Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V., if you visit the website, if you are an employee of Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V., if you sign up for newsletters of Qiss Reclame en Retail

  • or make contact with us via the contact form. As regards its employees, Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. collects name, address, email addresses, telephone numbers, citizen service number (burgerservice nummer), IBAN number and data relating to pensions. As regards both its (potential) clients and business contacts, Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. collects name, email address and telephone number. These data enable us to:
  • financially and administratively handle the agreement that clients conclude with Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V.;
  • be able to provide our services;
  • comply with our obligations as an employer;
  • be able to contact clients or interested parties if that is necessary;
  • further develop/optimise our service provision;
  • offer you tailor-made information (newsletter).

IP addresses/cookies

Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. keeps a record of the IP addresses of (potential) clients who visit the website. These data enable us to:

  • record which Internet site/Internet pages you visit;
  • improve the functionality and the content of the website;
  • keep track of which subjects or applications (potential) clients are interested in;
  • ensure that you do not receive the same information time and time again;
  • improve the product range offered.

Explanation relating to the placing of cookies

If you visit our website, cookies are automatically emplaced, whereby we can keep track of certain information by means of your IP address. This concerns, for example, information about how often you visit our website and which subjects you are interested in. For more information, see our cookies policy on the website.


3.   Provision of personal data to third parties

Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. provides no personal data to persons or companies outside the Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. organisation, unless:

  • that is mandated by a statutory provision;
  • that is necessary for the implementation of an agreement that Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. has concluded with you;
  • you have given permission for that.


4.   Obligations/secure access/confidentiality/retention period

  • Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V.processes your personal data exclusively in accordance with the law. This implies (amongst other things) that the data are only processed for the purpose for which they are obtained and in a proper/careful manner, in accordance with the law and these Regulations.
  • Your personal data can only be inspected by persons working for Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V., unless otherwise stipulated in these Regulations. All your personal data are protected against unauthorised access by Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V.The protection consists:
  • of having a personal password for each person working for

Qiss Reclame en Retail order for them to log into the digital system.

  • the persons working for Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. have a confidentiality obligation in respect of all personal data provided to Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V.;
  • in accordance with the law, Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. has taken technical measures to secure the system which it uses against external intrusions;
  • your personal data are not retained for longer than is necessary for good administration and business operations, with due observance being paid to a reasonable period. The law may prescribe a different retention period. If that is the case, then Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. will adhere to the prescribed statutory retention period.


5.   Your rights as a person concerned

  • right to information: the right to know whether your personal data are processed, which data that concerns, and for what purpose;
  • right of access: the right to access and obtain a copy of those data in so far as the privacy of another is not thereby violated;
  • the right to correction, supplementation or removal of data should that be necessary (right to correction and removal). The right to request (partial) removal of your data can only be complied with if the retention of the data is not of significant importance to another, and if the data do not have to be retained on the grounds of a statutory regulation;
  • the right of objection: the right, in certain cases, to object to the processing of your data;
  • the right to data portability: the right to receive the personal data which have been retained concerning you, in order to be able to transfer them to another organisation;
  • the right to a manual inspection in the event of automated decisions. With an automated decision, there is the right to have the decision taken by means of human intervention.

If you wish to make use of your rights, then you can state this by email at If your request is rejected, then you will be given an explanation of the reason why. One reason could be that your dossier contains information that is, or may be, of importance to others. Within one month of receipt of your request, you will receive a report from Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V.

Also, if you have a complaint about the manner of processing your personal data, you can contact Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. and Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. will try, together with you, to arrive at a solution.

Do you have any (other) remarks/questions/suggestions? For that purpose as well, you can contact us in writing.

Naturally, Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V. will also deal confidentially and carefully with the personal data provided in this connection.

Our current contact data can be found on the website of Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V.Privacy Regulations,Qiss Reclame en Retail B.V., version June 2018